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Trznica Nis

Head Office
Address: Đuke Dinić 4a
Telephone (PBX) / Fax:
+381 (18) / 257-525; 257-565;
257-532; 515-044; 515-048
e-mail: info@trznicanis.org.yu
web: www.trznicanis.org.yu



Public Communal Enterprise TRZNICA, Nis performs the activities related to management, organization and maintenance of markets in the City of Nis, thus providing regular obligation fulfillment on the part of market service users, as well as regular supplying of the citizens.



There are 11 markets within PCE Trznica, Nis on the territory of the city of Nis and these are: 2 green markets, 6 mixed markets, 2 merchandise markets, and 1 wholesale market.

The strategy of PCE Trznica Nis predicts opening new market places around the city in such a way that they enable easy and efficient purchase of provisions and market products to consumers.

For the part of Nis called Duvaniste, there is a market place called “Duvaniste Market”, predicted by the regulatory plan to be in the region between the river Nisava and Medijana Boulevard to Proleterska Street, in the scope of the area set for business facilities.

DUVANISTE MARKET consists of two parts: Closed market and Trade centre.




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