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History of Trznica




Public Communal Enterprise TRZNICA, Nis performs the activities related to management, organization and maintenance of markets in the city of Nis, thus providing regular obligation fulfillment on the part of market service users, as well as regular supplying of the citizens. The activities of management, organization and maintenance of markets include, above all:

Maintenance of devices and facilities, as well as taking care of constant improving of market service conditions;
Maintenance of infrastructure facilities, which are used for market service functioning;
Maintenance of selling facilities, booths, and other facilities on the markets;
Maintenance of the area in and around the markets (building the paths, access roads, ramps, fences etc.);
Market sanitation;
Building market facilities;
Financial and accounting services;
Legal activities;
General and common affairs.

For performing these activities, various sectors have been formed as organizational units:

1) Legal and general affair sector
2) Economic-financial sector
3) Market service sector
4) Marketing and development sector
5) Control and revision department



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